There is so much to be done in the coming years of ministry at JCV.  Each week we meet to inspire our faith. We mingle in groups to share life and faith together. We model our lives after the life and likeness of Jesus. And, we merge into the lives of those who have yet to discover God’s love, grace and forgiveness.  
We live in a county in which there are almost 850,000 people. 29% of them say they are Catholic and 8-10% of them say they are Christian. Another 6-8% say they belong to another faith.  These stats all have stories and each number has a name.  The remaining 53% of those who have yet to experience God’s love, grace and forgiveness, represent the reason Jesus came to this earth and why Achieve the Mission is a critical part of JCV. 
The purpose of Achieve the Mission is to invest in the growth and development of Journey Church Ventura’s ministry, leadership, and outreach.
This three pronged approach to giving (above and beyond the tithe) will help achieve the following:
JCV Ministry Expansion - Mortgage reduction - 50%
  • Every extra dollar given towards the paying down of our mortgage expands the opportunity to do more ministry within our body, community and world.

Next Level Leadership Expansion - 30%
  • Leaders are learners and we must provide opportunities for our current and future leaders to grow.
  • It will provide for the further development of our current leaders, allowing each leader to reach their full potential in achieving the mission.  (Conferences, education scholarships, and mentorship programs)
  • It will provide for the development of our next generation of leaders by offering internships and education scholarships.
Outreach Expansion - Journey Cares - 20%
  • Our partnership with local and global ministries allows us to participate in the expansion of ministries that meet the needs of people within our community and world. 
Steps to become an Achieve the Mission Partner:
1. Prepare: Read the book - The Blessed Life  by Robert Morrison
2. Pray: Take some time to pray and hear from the Lord.
3. Plan: As God leads, plan to follow.
4. Pledge: Make a 12-month faith commitment to Achieve the Mission that is above and beyond your tithe.


1. I will begin to tithe.
2. I will give $ _________ monthly to Achieve the Mission over the next 12 months.
3. My one-time gift will be $___________


What is an Achieve the Mission Partner?

Achieve the Mission Partners are those who have  prayerfully planned to invest in the ministry of JCV by giving above and beyond the tithe. Achieve the Mission partners are everyday people with a conviction to accelerate fulfilling the mission through their generosity.

What about the tithe?

The tithe is our first and most important part of giving to God.  Malachi 3 speaks to the importance of the tithe and its value to the storehouse (the modern day church). The tithe is how God designed the church and its ministries to be funded.

Why is it important to create a fund for the mortgage of the church?

JCV has been blessed with two amazing pieces of property and a building. These are simply tools to be used to gather the church body together for inspiration, discipleship, training the next generation of leaders, and at the same time to be used as a ministry clearing house for outreach to our community and world. Prefunding the mortgage with Achieve the Mission funds enables all tithe funds to be used for the support and expansion of the ministries of the church.

What does it mean to provide training for our current team?

JCV has been gifted with hardworking and capable leaders who need to constantly grow in their abilities and capacities to lead.  All great leaders must be learners, so we must invest in our leaders who will lead us to the next levels of growth and quality. 

What do you mean by local and global missions?

We desire to be involved in and support ministries that are in alignment with our mission.  These would be ministries that are merging into the lives of those who have yet to experience God’s love, grace and forgiveness. Achieving the Mission will help support everything from taking care of unwed moms, to building churches in foreign countries.

What about Journey Cares?

Journey cares will continue to be a fund that supports the needs of our congregation and community.  It will be used primarily to fund things like financial assistance, Single Mom’s Oil Change, local serve opportunities and other needs as they arise.