Service Producer

The Service Producer is responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of the church's production services, including audio, video, lighting, and staging. The Service Producer will work closely with the Worship Team, Production Crew, and other church staff to ensure that all production elements are executed flawlessly to enhance the worship experience for our Sunday gatherings.

Sound Technician

The Sound Technician is responsible for operating and maintaining the church's sound equipment, as well as ensuring proper sound mixing and balancing to ensure the highest quality audio experience for all church services and events.

Pro-Presenter/Slides Operator

The Pro-Presenter Operator is responsible for managing and overseeing all aspects of our slides and media on stage for our Sunday gatherings, events, and special occasions. This role requires excellent organizational and technical skills, as well as strong attention to detail.

Camera Switcher

The Camera Switcher is responsible for managing and operating video production equipment during church services and events. This role plays a vital part in ensuring a smooth and immersive experience for both the in-person and online guests by capturing and switching between various camera angles and creating dynamic and engaging content.

Camera Operator

The Camera Operator is responsible for capturing high-quality footage of various church gatherings, events, and performances. The Camera Operator must have an eye for composition, be able to follow directions and work collaboratively with the Production Team to capture the desired visual elements that enhance the worship experience.

Lighting Technician

The Lighting Technician is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining the lighting equipment used in church gatherings and events. Working closely with the Worship Pastor and Production Crew, this role ensures that the lighting design enhances the overall worship experience for attendees.


We are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our Production Crew as photographers & videographers. You will be responsible for capturing captivating images & video that tell the story of our church community. Your photography skills will play a vital role in documenting important events, worship services, baptisms, and other significant moments within the church.